Corporation in Liechtenstein

Corporation in Liechtenstein is a very popular form of business setup. Despite its small size, the country offers stable economic environment while it has established close relationship with many European countries. Company presence in a form of a corporation in Liechtenstein has its peculiarities, presupposed by some features of the law. But on the whole, incorporation procedure is typical for such companies with several differences from other countries. Liechtenstein is a reliable jurisdiction for foreign investors since its tax and company management rules are rather flexible

Privacy policies for corporations in Liechtenstein

Privacy policies for corporations in Liechtenstein. Banking services for corporation in Liechtenstein. Advantages of corporation establishing in Liechtenstein.
Confidentiality has become one of the main targets of Liechtenstein regulations.
Confidentiality has become one of the main targets of Liechtenstein regulations. It enables to promote private status of foreign investors and protects businessmen from certain risks. They may be connected with their personal lives and the assets. The government has done much to promote privacy policies of Liechtenstein's corporation startup and management which is rather attractive for foreign capital.
When your home country has a high level of bureaucracy and does not provide the conditions of assets and confidentiality protection, it is high time to move to Liechtenstein and set up a company or small business. There appears to be stable political and economic environment with a developed system of banking.

Banking services for corporation in Liechtenstein

Banking services for foreign investors represent very beneficial tax exemption programs for corporations when there is need to transfer capital. Liechtenstein offers its private banks for different types of equities. When founders of prospective corporations want to open a bank account here, it may be painstaking for the first time. Bank owners are rather strict with insolvent clients; you should prove your solvency to get a bank account in Liechtenstein. Corporations with opened accounts usually enjoy a high level of secrecy and opportunities for tax bonuses.

Advantages of corporation establishing in Liechtenstein

Many foreign businessmen choose to immigrate to Liechtenstein and set up a corporation here for a number of reasons. Its flexible company management implies quick and easy incorporation in the economy and guarantees full autonomy and confidentiality of company's managers. Corporations are a popular form of money investment while:

  • It requires the minimal equities of 30000CHF;
  • Foreign capital is not restricted to its origin;
  • Liechtenstein provides stable competitive economy;
  • Country's geographical position provides opportunities for international transactions.

Corporation in Liechtenstein registration

Incorporation procedure of a corporation in Liechtenstein has common features with many other jurisdictions. The number of shareholders is not fixed, but the initial capital should comprise 30000CHF. Without the capital no corporation can establish its presence in Liechtenstein. Entrance in Public Register allows corporations function in a way they have planned. Before that, the following steps should be completed:

  • A unique name is selected;
  • Objects of company's functioning are clearly identified;
  • The initial capital is deposited on an existing bank account;
The Board of Directors who must have at least one official resident of the country to legally start their business in Liechtenstein.
If you want to establish a corporation in Liechtenstein, consult Goldblum and Partners, who will provide necessary information on the issue. Get ready to find out more about Liechtenstein's beneficial geographical and economic position, which opens ways to get your business started. Our team will help you choose business strategies and work out an effective business plan to clarify your goals and incentives.