Lawyers in Liechtenstein

Business activity for any offshore company registered in this European country is impossible without hiring a lawyer. Traditionally, Liechtenstein is regarded as a very comfortable country for business as the country's legislation is very flexible and loyal towards foreign businesses. However, a company in Liechtenstein cannot do without the help of a professional lawyer. Though offshore companies enjoy significant privileges in Liechtenstein, they still need legal advice.

What do you need a lawyer for in Liechtenstein?

What do you need a lawyer for in Liechtenstein? Where should you order the lawyer’s services in Liechtenstein?
Liechtenstein is known for its flexible and tolerant legislation which provides support of all kinds to foreign companies.
Liechtenstein is known for its flexible and tolerant legislation which provides support of all kinds to foreign companies. At the same time, in-depth study of those regulations is indispensable for successful business.

The owner of the company has to look into the following issues regarding the country's legislation:

  • The state supports various investments in the country's economics. However, it controls property purchasing and contribution of foreign capital to the banking system.
  • The whole taxation system was formed in the previous century. It establishes zero tax rates for companies registered in Liechtenstein, as well as for companies deriving income outside Liechtenstein.
  • Not only local companies, but also those registered in Liechtenstein can count on low tax rates.
Every lawyer is aware of the fact that in Liechtenstein a company can only be founded by a person residing in the country for more than 10 years. However, foreign citizens can register businesses as holding companies, which is a more complicated procedure requiring professional lawyers' help.

It is important that in Liechtenstein business starters do not need to obtain a licence. (Financial companies are the only exception.)

Taking into consideration the above-listed issues, to register a company and to do business in Liechtenstein, the company owner needs the following specialists:

  • a lawyer;
  • a solicitor;
  • a tax adviser;
  • an auditor.
The owner of the company does not have to take those specialists onto their staff. It is possible to order these services through a third-party company.
Taking into consideration the high cost of such services, the optimal choice is to order the services of an outsourcing company. In that case the owner of the company will not work with one lawyer but with a team of experts specialising in the legislation of Liechtenstein, which decreases the probability of errors.

The services of professional lawyers will secure:

  • company assets;
  • confidentiality of information;
  • secrecy of financial documentation;
  • the company from legal action.
It is important to note that it is more difficult to bring an action against an offshore company than against an ordinary company. In order for the committee of experts to examine the case and decide whether it should be transferred to court, the plaintiff must leave a deposit which is not reimbursed.

Where should you order the lawyer's services in Liechtenstein?

Goldblum and Partners has rendered lawyers' services for offshore companies in Liechtenstein for several years. Over this period we have helped a lot of companies working in different spheres, which has allowed us to accumulate great experience. We consider each case individually and aim to meet the needs of our clients for professional legal advice.
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